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White Mini Pretzels

140g/4.94oz sku CS019-5

Charlie & Sam were in for a wintry adventure. Prepared with all their woolens and layered up in cozy fabrics, they had their eyes set on skating that day. Snow glistened everywhere and they embarked, enjoying the best winter has to offer. A perfect day for the season—sun shining brightly almost to smile on all the shoppers and skaters bustling around the scene. They started their experience on the beautiful Rideau Canal Locks and took in its frozen glory.

Squirrels and birds that hadn’t migrated south frolicked and darted around going about their daily business. Even some beautiful bright red cardinals could be seen amongst the trees. After a lovely walk by the locks, their excitement could no longer be contained and they rushed to rent some skates. They found a bench to sit down so they could lace up their skates and took in the sheer beauty of the world’s longest naturally frozen ice rink at almost 8km! The Rideau Canal attracts close to 23,000 skaters daily and seeing them all smiling, laughing and enjoying themselves was amazing sight to behold.

As they stepped out onto the ice, they were reminded of how difficult it is to keep one’s balance! After a few slips and trips, they regained their balance. A few pros made it look easy on the ice, twirling and gliding with such grace. Charlie and Sam still managed to have a great time despite not being gold medalist skaters and falling a few times. It was truly a treat to watch families and people of all ages enjoying themselves.

Now they were feeling a bit chilly, it was time to warm up! A chalet on the ice was selling delicious hot chocolate and who could resist that on a magical winter day? Not Charlie and Sam! Returning their skates and heading out to the street, they wandered over to the Byward Market, one of the oldest and largest public markets in Canada, and took a look around the shops, enjoying all the sights and smells. They came across a crowd of smiling faces and discovered the source of this joy was beaver tails (yummy fried dough)! They rushed over to the shop and ordered some—Sam, a traditional lemon and brown sugar and Charlie, a sweet-tooth’s delight of chocolate and marshmallow. They both agreed that this staple of sweet should serve as inspiration for some of their creations.