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100g/3.53oz sku 20I

Eager to begin the next leg of their adventure, Sam raced across the platform to the boarding line for the train. Next to board, he excitedly looked around for Charlie. It wasn’t too long before she strolled up beside him. The two took one last glance around before leaving the mountainous Tuscany region of Florence behind, and heading for Venice.

While visiting Florence Charlie and Sam had immersed themselves in the rich culture of this Renaissance city – touring through some of Italy’s best museums, beautiful cathedrals and churches, and compelling streets and squares lined with classic buildings, shops and statues. But now they were en route to the coast. The city of Venice held a great deal of allure with its famous maze of canals and marble churches. The pair were looking forward to riding on a gondola, exploring the city from the Grand Canal, and sitting waterfront while savouring tiramisu and sipping espresso.

Staring out the window, Charlie and Sam watched as the landscape passed by, the changes in elevation made for a scenic ride. At its first stop in Bologna several passengers got off. A few moments passed, and the train still had yet to depart from the platform. It wasn’t too long before the conductor was advising people to leave the train. Disembarking from the train, Charlie and Sam stood on the platform alongside other passengers, all puzzled as to what the reasoning was behind clearing the train. A few moments later, they received word of a power outage at the next station over; therefore there would be a disruption in service until further notice. Deciding to embrace the opportunity, the duo quickly left the train station and journeyed into the city of Bologna.

“So what now?” asked Sam, feeling a little unsure. Charlie didn’t know much about the city, but she knew Bologna to be famous for the Two Towers and porticoes. Glancing ahead she saw Piazza XX Settembre.

“Let’s start here,” said Charlie, and the two friends embarked on yet another exciting adventure.