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Kosher All Natural
140 gg/4.94oz sku CS019-2

As Charlie and Sam flew over the many fascinating European countries, they were in for a real treat on their next adventure to Switzerland. What a perfect adventure for the two chocolate lovers! This adventure to Switzerland was occurring during the best time of year thus, they were ab out to witness some of the most impressive bright and magical Christmas markets in the world.

They started their journeys along the shore of Lake Geneva, where the Montreux’s Christmas market was under way. Charlie and Sam were intrigued by the sweet smells flowing through the air and the carols being beautifully sung in German and French.

“How enchanting”, Sam thought to himself as he picked up a uniquely beautifully designed snow globe with the Chillon Castle, a very popular Swiss monument, and purchased it to take home as a souvenir. He felt an instant connection to the snow globe as he held it up to compare it to the real Chillon Castle situated on the Lake Geneva in his near view.

Sam was a little fixated with experiencing the chocolate train tour.

“Are you finished with this market yet? Charlie, we are supposed to board the chocolate train at 6pm”, Sam warned him anxiously.

Charlie too, was excited and gathered the few extra things he thought Sam would regret not getting when they returned home from their travels.

“Charlie look, It’s here, quickly let’s get on”, Sam shouted over the noisy sound of the train coming to a stop on the tracks to pick up the chocolate tour passengers.

As they boarded the vintage designed trains, Charlie and Sam were greeted by friendly and polite staff that spoke English and exchanged their boarding passes for some chocolatey treats and a brochure as they took their seats very excited. They both were not concerned with the scenery outside the train because they were completely captivated with all the cool things taking place on this chocolate train.

Charlie and Sam enjoyed a very wide selection of deliciously decadent chocolates, they learned all about the process of making them while they cheerfully chatted with the other passengers on board.

Until Charlie and Sam’s next adventure, where will it take them next!