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The beautiful and breath-taking coastline of southeastern Australia is the location of Charlie and Sam’s latest adventure! The duo’s travels began when they boarded a helicopter in the Mount Gambier area. Eagerly anticipating what the day had in store, they settled into their seats and donned their head sets. A rumble arose from below, as the helicopter began to take flight. Ascending higher into the sky, The Crater Lakes came into view. As they began to fly east, the sheer exquisiteness of the terrain became evident. It wasn’t long until the chopper was gliding over Blue Lake. Given the time of year, the lake was eye-catching. Cobalt blue in colour, the water was vibrant and striking. Continuing east, Charlie and Sam soon found themselves above Umpherston Sinkhole. Also known as The Sunken Garden, Umpherston’s Sinkhole was created when the top chamber of a cave collapsed. Now, the floor of the sinkhole lends home to beautiful flora and fauna. From above, the walls of the sinkhole are plastered with vines, and the various greens of the floor vegetation are in contrast with one another. Leaving the first two landmarks of their journey behind, the pair settled into their seats as they headed for the coast.

Stretching 243 kilometres in distance, Australia’s Great Ocean Road hugs some of the most scenic coast lines in the world. As the helicopter approached the coast, Charlie and Sam eagerly anticipated the panoramic views as the road winds along cliff tops, up to breathtaking headlands, down onto the edge of beaches, across river estuaries and through lush rainforests. Flying eastward along Ship Wreck Coast, they caught a glimpse of Loch Ard Gorge. Charlie and Sam peered out the windows of the chopper and took in the stunning scenery. The helicopter seemed to move in a weaving pattern, as if to mimic the coastal rock patterns below. Advancing quickly, the Twelve Apostles were soon below them. Carved out of the headland by the fierce waves of the Southern Ocean; these limestone stacks rise majestically from the shore below. The helicopter circled the area as the pair enjoyed a bird’s eye view of these famous natural wonders.

Leaving The Apostles behind, the helicopter veered away from the coast in search of beautiful untouched rainforests. Hovering over Great Otway National Park, they could hear the roar of waterfalls below the lush rainforest canopy. Charlie and Sam imagined hundreds of koalas peacefully dozing in gum trees just beneath the awning created by the dense rainforest vegetation. Returning to coast, the duo was on the last leg of their journey. In the distance, perched on towering sea cliffs where Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean collide stood Cape Otway Lighthouse. The oldest in mainland Australia, this lighthouse has been providing mainland Australia with light since 1848. Approaching Apollo Bay Harbour, Charlie and Sam watched as the sun set on the harbour, and on their day.


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As Charlie and Sam flew over the many fascinating European countries, they were in for a real treat on their next adventure to Switzerland. What a perfect adventure for the two chocolate lovers! This adventure to Switzerland was occurring during the best time of year thus, they were ab out to witness some of the most impressive bright and magical Christmas markets in the world.

They started their journeys along the shore of Lake Geneva, where the Montreux’s Christmas market was under way. Charlie and Sam were intrigued by the sweet smells flowing through the air and the carols being beautifully sung in German and French.

“How enchanting”, Sam thought to himself as he picked up a uniquely beautifully designed snow globe with the Chillon Castle, a very popular Swiss monument, and purchased it to take home as a souvenir. He felt an instant connection to the snow globe as he held it up to compare it to the real Chillon Castle situated on the Lake Geneva in his near view.

Sam was a little fixated with experiencing the chocolate train tour.

“Are you finished with this market yet? Charlie, we are supposed to board the chocolate train at 6pm”, Sam warned him anxiously.

Charlie too, was excited and gathered the few extra things he thought Sam would regret not getting when they returned home from their travels.

“Charlie look, It’s here, quickly let’s get on”, Sam shouted over the noisy sound of the train coming to a stop on the tracks to pick up the chocolate tour passengers.

As they boarded the vintage designed trains, Charlie and Sam were greeted by friendly and polite staff that spoke English and exchanged their boarding passes for some chocolatey treats and a brochure as they took their seats very excited. They both were not concerned with the scenery outside the train because they were completely captivated with all the cool things taking place on this chocolate train.

Charlie and Sam enjoyed a very wide selection of deliciously decadent chocolates, they learned all about the process of making them while they cheerfully chatted with the other passengers on board.

Until Charlie and Sam’s next adventure, where will it take them next!


Bite-sized little tastes of heaven! Deliciously smooth caramel in a milk chocolate coating.

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Heat, heat and more heat! The temperature was a blistering 48°C and the sun had yet to reach its peak. After preparing for the day with some sunscreen and hats, Charlie and Sam loaded up their bags and set out on camel back – expecting the unexpected from their Arabian Desert adventure. Not too long into the journey, the pair quickly found out how uncomfortable riding a camel can be; and although covered by a couple of blankets, a hump is still a hump. The rhythmic sway of the camel created a rocking motion, quite similar to that of a boat at sea. At times the motion could be quite smoothing, while at others, it made the pair feel almost seasick.

Despite the beads of sweat rolling down their faces from the sun beating down over head, Charlie and Sam were mesmerized by what they saw. Miles and miles of undulating sand dunes stretched across the landscape as far as their eyes could see. Hints of yellows, pinks and oranges blended together to create a divine panorama – almost like a snapshot from a postcard. At times, the harsh midday light overhead made the colours appear to swirl together, as if bottled for sand art.

As the camels swayed along, the faint sound of voices came into ear shot. As the voices drew closer, so did the sound of a rumble. An exploration vehicle came bursting over the dunes in the distance. Charlie and Sam watched as the vehicle raced through the sand, maneuvering in zig-zag patterns and bursting through small dunes at every chance the driver had. Within a few minutes, the vehicle was out of sight. The pair continued on their camelback journey until darkness began to creep up on them. Deciding it was time to settle for the night, Charlie and Sam dismounted their camels and prepared for a night in the desert.

As the darkness set in, the temperature began to drop, and although hovering around 30°C, it felt extremely chilly compared to the scorching temperatures of the day. Charlie and Sam lay down on the warm sand and looked up at the stars. Quietness filled the air. They were the only people around for miles. The two were consumed by the surreal feeling of isolation as the moonlight trickled down from the sky like beacons of light – illuminating the landscape all around them.


Our special recipe soft nougat wrapped in milk chocolate, paired with creamy caramel filled dark chocolate.

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Meet Charlie and Sam! An adventurous duo brought together by their passion for travel and love of delicious chocolate treats. With backpacks loaded to the brim and emotions of excitement on overdrive these two best friends set out on an Amazon adventure!

Walking into the rain forest was like entering a castle decorated with a flora and fauna motif; massive banks and rich vegetation sprouted in all directions. Walking palms and rubber trees lined the forest floor. The pair’s feet suctioned to the muck as they trudged along. The air was filled with an intense earthy smell, and the buzz of cicadas and rapid clicks of tree frogs could be heard all around. The dense forest canopy stretched high over their heads and melodic bird calls filled the air. Charlie pulled out her binoculars attempting to get a better view of the source of the sound which appeared to be perched high in a tree top above.

The ground was masked with lots of fungi and mushrooms, and rotting logs spawned oodles of new growth. Buttress roots were aplenty. As Charlie and Sam strolled along, they were humbled by silence at the magnitude of the rain forest, even though the atmosphere seemed to hum with life. A small snake was coiled up beneath the root of a tree. Charlie stopped a short distance back to admire the snake in its natural habitat, while Sam scurried forward, stepping gingerly as if not to alarm the fickle creature.

Climbing a tower, they prepared to traverse the forest canopy. From up here the rain forest appeared endless, seeming to blanket the landscape for miles. Before leaving the canopy platform it was evident how truly unique this experience would be. Stepping onto the canopy walkway the pair was rendered speechless. Mere words could not do the stunning landscape justice. The sounds, the smells, the sights, they all felt heightened from high above the tree tops. As they ascended further, Charlie and Sam soaked in the silence, savouring the feeling of being suspended in nature. Pastel colours began to paint the sky as the sun started to sink below the horizon. The evening mist rolled in and settled over the tree tops, camouflaging the branches below and making the toucan in the canopy barely visible. The perfect end to a truly exhilarating experience!