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Charlie and Sam’s Adventure to the Big Island

The electrifying and effortlessly beautiful landscape of the “Big Island” in Hawaii, makes for an extraordinary adventure.  With breathtaking sunsets that give the gorgeous turquoise water a magnificent backdrop, it was sure to be an adventure for Charlie and Sam. The Big Island offers an array of hot, warm and cold climates. One of the most interesting being the tundra climate, where you will find brilliant snow-capped mountains in certain seasons. Who can forget the continuously wet climate with the stunning tropical rainforests? Sam was more interested in staying within the warmer climate regions because they were not prepared for the cold weather.

Charlie and Sam landed at the Hilo International Airport which is located on the east side of the “Big Island”. Here is where they met their tour guide named Kamea, who was a strikingly tall man, dressed in shorts and a flora printed t-shirt, carrying two fresh flower leis. He greeted them with a warm Aloha and placed these two leis over Charlie’s and Sam’s necks. Almost immediately Charlie and Sam felt like they were in paradise.

As they began their travels, looked from side to side astonished with the beautiful scenery that surrounded. Charlie and Sam discovered that his name meant “The One and Only”, and that most Hawaiian names had very powerful meanings. Kamea was more than happy to share all the historical and cultural contexts through their journey while, Charlie and Sam attempted to digest the intriguing but substantial information.

There first stop was an extremely wet tropical rainforest in Hilo. Where an overabundance of lush greenery covered most of the rainforest with vines that wrapped all the way around these 100 feet tall trees. They walked along the paths in the rainforest as their boots were almost fully immersed in water as they splashed around in amusement. Charlie and Sam stopped many times along their walk to look at the tiny exotic creatures living in their natural habitat. As they wrapped up there enchanted walk through the rainforest of Hilo, they couldn’t wait to find out what their next stop would be!

Charlie and Sam were mesmerized as they drove closer and closer catching just a glimpse of the volcanoes spewing magma. When they finally arrived within full view of the volcanoes, Charlie thought to himself how terrific but terrifying the volcanoes looked.  They both stood speechless as they looked up in awe at the tremendous volcanoes which seemed to be in a constant process of creation and destruction. As the night wore on and the sky began to darken the contrast of the magma against the pitch black sky made this scene the most magical sight Charlie and Same set their eyes on in a while! What a thrilling experience of the Volcanoes National Park!!

The next morning Charlie and Sam woke up and started preparing for their next adventure.

“Where are we off to next” Charlie asked Sam with excitement filling his voice. As the two friends continued their travel through the Big Island.