Meet Charlie and Sam! An adventurous duo brought together by their passion for travel and love of delicious chocolate treats. With backpacks loaded to the brim and emotions of excitement on overdrive these two best friends set out on an Amazon adventure!

Walking into the rain forest was like entering a castle decorated with a flora and fauna motif; massive banks and rich vegetation sprouted in all directions. Walking palms and rubber trees lined the forest floor. The pair’s feet suctioned to the muck as they trudged along. The air was filled with an intense earthy smell, and the buzz of cicadas and rapid clicks of tree frogs could be heard all around. The dense forest canopy stretched high over their heads and melodic bird calls filled the air. Charlie pulled out her binoculars attempting to get a better view of the source of the sound which appeared to be perched high in a tree top above.

The ground was masked with lots of fungi and mushrooms, and rotting logs spawned oodles of new growth. Buttress roots were aplenty. As Charlie and Sam strolled along, they were humbled by silence at the magnitude of the rain forest, even though the atmosphere seemed to hum with life. A small snake was coiled up beneath the root of a tree. Charlie stopped a short distance back to admire the snake in its natural habitat, while Sam scurried forward, stepping gingerly as if not to alarm the fickle creature.

Climbing a tower, they prepared to traverse the forest canopy. From up here the rain forest appeared endless, seeming to blanket the landscape for miles. Before leaving the canopy platform it was evident how truly unique this experience would be. Stepping onto the canopy walkway the pair was rendered speechless. Mere words could not do the stunning landscape justice. The sounds, the smells, the sights, they all felt heightened from high above the tree tops. As they ascended further, Charlie and Sam soaked in the silence, savouring the feeling of being suspended in nature. Pastel colours began to paint the sky as the sun started to sink below the horizon. The evening mist rolled in and settled over the tree tops, camouflaging the branches below and making the toucan in the canopy barely visible. The perfect end to a truly exhilarating experience!